Monika Mausolf

The main areas of my creative activity are painting, drawing, objects, installations and photo manipulation. My art focuses on presenting the clash between pure nature and technology. Unbridled primordiality opposing an industrially shaped world’s final decomposition of organic life, and against artificial machinery.
Interested in testing human creature entangled and manipulated by history, evolution of culture religion and stereotypes. The human creature that tries to define its social and carnal identity while uncovering the secrets of fears and sexuality inside. Initially I’m basing my creative searching on the human figure humiliated, dominated by its corporeality, subjected to torture and genetic technological modifications, as well as the unpredictable nature failures. Simultaneously regarding these human defects as a punishment for sins. Within this period of my anthropomorphic visions, there is the emergence of a new quasi-Orwellian world – full of animal-derivations, beasts and freaks embroiled in strange, mystic, human rituals.
I’m employing the language of myth, magic and fantasy, and cover every motif with delicacy, and fragility, intricately sheathed with an echo of mysterious human habits. I attempt to present the definitive counterpoint to my view of nature – as something to be possessed.