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For nearly ten years, students and graduates from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw organized so–called Art Fairs, where you can buy  paintings, traditional graphics ( such as linocut, lithography, etching, aquatint, etc.), ceramic, photography, jewelry, toys and many other original works of  art .

The event is very popular because it gives unique opportunity for direct contact with  so many artists (almost 150!).Among our visitors there are young talent seekers, collectors, people who like to have original decorations in their homes. For sure You will also find something interesting for Yourself at the Art Fair:-).

Since February 2010 Art Fair takes place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, in the Kubicki Arcades. There, on the surface of  2000 square meters, under the arches of the amazing, giant arcades, almost one hundred and fifty artists show their work!
This place has an exceptional atmosphere and it’s really worth to see.

We invite you to participate in our event :-)

Art Fair - about this site

Welcome :-)
Visiting us for the first time?
You are curious about the world of Art and you want to see the works of contemporary artists?
Then we invite you to watch our service, so that:
- You will find a wide variety of work, from graphics and painting, through jewelry, ceramics, toys and many other artistic techniques,
- get direct contact with artists,
- You will find out when and where will take place the next artistic events,
- You will discover the secrets of the graphic techniques,
We wish you finding your dream work of art :-)



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